Do not risk permanently losing all of your precious pictures, or video memories through years of neglect or accidental damage. Let us preserve your cherished memories and moments in time quickly, professionally, and permanently.

We convert your printed or video memories into DVD Pictures, adding optional effects including music, text, and other personalized effects of your choice. Add unique color DVD covers printed in color to add even more unique qualities that mean so much to you.

Here is a list of our audio, photo, and video services:

  1. Tape Transfers: Old VHS,Mini DV
  2. Prints: Black & white or color—Have your pictures converted on to CD or DVD

If you have other audio or video conversion needs, please contact us—we can help!

Tape Transfers: Old VHS.Mini DV, converted to DVD Pictures to DVD: add effects, music,text Audio Tapes: to CD they will be converted thru a computer then added to a CD Reel To Reel Audio Tapes: these will also be converted to audio files on a computer as well Color DVD covers: have your cover of your DVD printed in color on a color printer Digital Prints: Have your pictures printed

Tape Transfers $20.00

Photos on DVD $25.00